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Yogi Stories


While on a solo trip in India, Yogi Stories' founder Gill Costello was also on a personal, internal journey. Some days she would face negative emotions; sometimes doubt as she questioned her direction and next steps in life. Some days fear while travelling alone, on occasion at night on buses through rural Rajasthan. Or often loneliness while thinking of family and friends

so far away.



During those moments she’d turn to a cherished gift she wore around her neck. A necklace of an old brass teapot that would remind her of the Buddhist story ‘Tea with Mara’.


This story would always provide comfort by reminding her that negative emotions are part of the human condition, they affect us all. However they are temporary, so we don’t need fight them. Instead we can invite them in, have tea with them and know that they will always pass. This is the cycle of life.

This remembering has always provided comfort and empowerment for Gill, and

she decided she wanted to share it with others.

Something so simple and personal, a necklaces, but yet it holds such wisdom and power. A genuine balm for the

many negative emotions we move through.

And so Yogi Stories' own story began... 

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